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Portsmouth Academy Players Gain Valuable Work Experience at Unify

In the competitive world of Football, dreams of success often accompany every aspiring academy player as they set their eyes on a future of professional football.

Yet, lurking in the shadows of these dreams is a harsh reality: less than 1% of them will make it to a professional standard. This sobering statistic underscores the need for the academy players to have a back-up plan and to develop their skills beyond the pitch. 

As we continue to redefine the conventional approach to recruitment, Unify’s commitment to empowering individuals goes beyond the realms of business. Over the past six weeks, we have had the pleasure of hosting the talented Portsmouth Football Academy Players for work experience. During their time with us, they have discovered that their career possibilities extend beyond the football pitch. Here, they have developed essential life skills and cultivated the mindset necessary for success in a range of professional arenas. 

The opportunities available to these players span a variety of sectors, including marketing, finance, recruitment and sales. Among these, one standout highlight for the players has been their experience with the Unify Marketing team. Delving into content creation, branding, networking, strategy and digital outreach, they have gained insights into creating engaging content, connecting with target audiences and using digital tools to drive results. 

One indispensable tool that has been crucial for the players to master is LinkedIn. Throughout their experience, they have learnt about the importance of building their personal brand and expanding their professional network through this platform. From optimising their profiles to engaging with industry professionals and sharing their experiences, they have discovered how to use LinkedIn as a tool for career advancement and to create future opportunities for themselves beyond football. 

As the academy players get ready to say goodbye to Unify, they reflect on the experience that has broadened their horizons. Destiny expressed his appreciation for the opportunity stating that he “enjoyed having the freedom to try new things, learning from mistakes and discovering what works and what doesn’t within the marketing world”. Dan “enjoyed learning about the importance of communication and team bonding to ensure everyone works well together to get the job done”.  Armed with resilience and adaptability, they are prepared to navigate the professional world with confidence. 

Whilst the players embark on the next chapter of their journey, Unify remains committed to empowering individuals. We will continue to provide the support and guidance necessary for their ongoing success and fulfilment in any endeavour they choose to pursue.